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In and Out Pickleball - August Doubles Series

Sat, Aug 17 - Sun, Aug 18, 2024
7700 Clocktower Dr, Kirtland, OH 44094

Players registered

Registration closes
Thu, Aug 15, 07:00 PM


Lakeland Community College (arrive at the tennis courts)
7700 Clocktower Dr, Kirtland, OH 44094


$40 per person.  If you have not fully paid for your registration by the registration deadline, we may move a team from the wait list into your spot. Please note that any player/team that fails to show up and pay on the tournament day may be disqualified from future In and Out Pickleball LLC events.

There will be a raffle with tickets available for purchase. This includes pickleball gear, paddles, and donations from location restaurants and businesses from NE Ohio. 

We will also have demo paddles to try out and purchase with a discount code. 


We will have these tournament matches entered into DUPR, if you do not have an account it is free to sign up and will provide you a rating after you've played so many matches. For those who do have a DUPR, please add yourself to our club -> In and Out Pickleball Club


Franklin X-40 ball (yellow) will be used for all divisions. We will provide brand-new balls to be used for the shootout. 


Temporary nets will be provided. We have upgraded our dividers as well so you should have a great experience on the court 

Food / Drink

We ask you to bring your food and drink for the day. However, we will have a hydration station with cold towels and water for your convenience. 


There are porta-potties available near the courts. There are no showers available.

Playing Format

The playing format may be adjusted at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
Standings will be determined by the number of matches won. There will be playoffs as well for those who finish in the top 4 in each division.
Games to 11, teams will switch sides when either team reaches 6 points.
Each team will be allowed one timeout per game (one minute).
Court entry/exit etiquette:  Please be courteous by waiting for a stoppage in play and entering/exiting as a group (i.e. all 4 players). 
All other USAPA Rules will be in effect.


There will NOT be referees during the matches.  You will referee your own matches.  We expect good sportsmanship at all times in this area.

Guidelines for calls:  line calls should be made by team receiving the ball, and should ONLY be called out if the ball is CLEARLY seen as out.  If a player is unsure of the call, they should assume the ball was in, and continue playing.  If the hitting team sees a ball out, they can also call it out on themselves.  Either team can make calls on service faults or non-volley zone faults, and the hitting team is expected to call faults on themselves or their partner.

We appreciate your help to make this event a fun experience.  If there are any problems, players involved may be disqualified from participating in future In and Out Pickleball LLC events.


If there is a forecast for an all-day rain, we will cancel the tournament.  If there is a forecast for possible rain, we will normally try to get the tournament in.  Once started, we will normally try to complete the tournament if there is a projected short rain delay.  It usually takes about 45 minutes from the time it stops raining to dry out the courts (assuming some sun and/or wind).  In case of questionable weather, we will e-mail any weather updates the morning of the tournament.  If you are driving from far away and need an update, please text Brad at 440-396-9375


Tournament Directors

Brad Snyder: 440-396-9375 or 
Eddie Corsi: 216-322-8885